The project


Creativity and innovation are becoming increasingly important for the development of the 21st century knowledge society. Creativity is an ability that everyone can develop and it can therefore be fostered or, likewise, inhibited. Innovative teaching is the process leading to creative learning, the implementation of new methods, tools and contents which could benefit learners and their creative potential. Education is seen as central in fostering creative and innovative skills, and educational actors have the power to unlock the creative and innovative potential of the students. However, educational actors need to have a clear vision, awareness and understanding of what creativity is and entails in order to fully comprehend how it can be enhanced with innovative methods.

In this project, we aim to enhance our teachers’ professional competences in terms of creative and innovative teaching methods by combining Teacher Training and Teacher Observation Model. Our target group will be teachers from different branches. This partnership combines all stakeholders related to education; schools, directorates of national education, NGOs and a higher education institution.

87c019c0-0726-40f4-a1f9-a71235522a73In ENCITS, firstly, teachers will record one hour lesson to show their current best methodology and share with partners to evaluate lessons and see what is missing from an innovative lesson and what is needed. As a second step, teachers will attend teacher trainings courses. Each teacher will plan and record a lesson with innovative methods which are learned via trainings.

At the end of the project, an e-book will be developed with the best practices of creative and innovative teaching methods from different countries.