Iznik District Directorate of National Education (İznikMEM), authorized by the Minister of National Education, Republic of Turkey, is a local public institution which is in charge of all the educational issues in İznik in Bursa. Our institution is composed of 1 Head Director of District National Education, 2 Department Managers, 2 Department Chiefs and 23 staff. IznikMEM is an umbrella organization which is responsible for planning, organizing and assessment of educational, sportive and social activities of; 3 pre-schools, 17 primary schools, 11 secondary schools, 3 high schools and 2 VET, 1 Lifelong learning and adult education center 2 special education and rehabilitation centers 3 private schools from all educational levels Pre-in service training of trainee teachers and in-service training of teachers.

Bursa Uludag University and took its current name in 1982, has been successfully continuing its educational services ever since. Uludag University has 4 Institutes, 13 Faculties, 1 State Conservatory, 3 Graduate Schools, 15 Vocational Schools and 19 Research and Application Centers. Uludag University has a total of 2280 teaching staff. Of these 2280 teaching staff, 418 are professors, 203 are associate professors, 287 are assistant professors, 167 are instructors, 285 are lecturers, 856 are research assistants, and 64 are specialists.
The Rectorate, the institutes and most of the faculties are located on central campus in Görükle with an area of 17 million m2 and 20 km away from the city center. The Faculty of Theology is on Fethiye Campus, School of Foreign Languages and the Vocational School of Social Sciences are on Ali Osman Sönmez campus. Faculty of Law, Gemlik Asım Kocabıyık Vocational School are on Gemlik Sunğipek-Asım Kocabıyık campus in Gemlik; Faculty of Fine Arts is in Mudanya. The schools in Mustafakemalpaşa, Karacabey, İnegöl, İznik, Yenişehir İbrahim Orhan, Orhangazi, Orhaneli, Keles, Harmancık and Büyükorhan have been continuing their education where they are named after the districts they were founded.

AGIFODENT is a non-profit educational institution established since 2002 in Cenes de la Vega, a small village around Granada city, Andalucia – SPAIN. Our organisation is a big umbrella educational organisation who has a private VET school and a private ADULT school. We are an intermediary organization providing schools for mobility projects, job shadowing projects, and European training courses too. Agifodent works on the actual problems in Europe and participates in international projects about them. The main articles of our association are the following ones, according with its official statutes:
To inform, teach and develop European Programmes in Andalucia. To promote and develop educational programmes addressed to businessmen and citizens for the management of new technologies and to provide information and advice in order to apply for European Programmes and during the required procedures for these issues. To face and carry out international activities as a global process for the improvement of the educational and professional situation and the situation of Andalucia in general.
To focus on young people and to provide them with all the available information about EC initiatives, International Programmes and European Mobility Programmes in order to improve their professional skills.To disseminate and spread information about job and educational opportunities within other European countries.To bring information and other results of projects and investigations carried out within European Educational Programmes closer to the general population

The foundation is working in the field of Educational Leadership for transformation on Agility on Liberating Structures. It offers a through workshops new approach better suited for dealing with the accelerating pressures for growth and innovation faced by so many educational organisations today. It supports change makers and social innovators and provides training in several methodologies such as BRICKme, LEGO Serious Play, Agile, Kanban, Liberating Structures, U-Methodology, Design Thinking, Storytelling, Game design, Gamification and Business Model YOU. The Foundation develops KA1 training programs tailored for the /Higher Education /VET/Adult and Schools. The Stichting for Education on Agility Liberating Structures (Stichting Eduagility) staff has participated as an external expert in several EU funded projects before setting up their own Foundation. Five people covering different disciplines are part of the team. The foundation is active in Projects connected to tourism, social inclusión, skills development soft and hard.Works with various Universities,Museums and Libraries implementing projects under Creative Europe, Cosme and KA3. In the website, all the activities and training are available.

Regional Department of Education- Pazardzhik is one of 28 province departments on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Science. It is responsible for carrying out educational and training activities in district Pazardzhik (within 12 municipalities) in accordance with the directives of the Ministry of Education and Science. There are 117 schools and 81 kindergartens here. Regional Department of Education- Pazardzhik carries out a lot of innovative studies with teachers and parents in our schools. It is a regional institution responsible for carrying out educational and training activities. Subject experts in the Regional Department of Education- Pazardzhik collaborate with teachers at schools to implement new educational methods and activities that make classes activities more attractive, reduce early school leaving and make students’ school results higher. Many projects are put into practice for the development of not only academic achievements but also social aspects of the students.

The Comprehensive school “Aldo Moro” is in Casalnuovo di Napoli, a solar town of 50000 habitants, not far from the city of Naples (20 km). It qualifies as a center for urban aggregation by promoting cultural and social design, with the primary goal of preventing school dropout and social disadvantages. The school population of I.C.S. “Aldo Moro” is of 1327 pupils, distributed in 61 first cycle classes. The staff is approximately 160 (DS, DSGA, 140 teachers and 25 ATA personnel). The I.C.S. “Aldo Moro” includes 5 plexuses: the Head Office in Via Pigna, with management offices, administrative offices, 14 first-level secondary school classes, 1 primary school classes, gym, computer lab, technical-scientific laboratory, auditorium, 2 multi-functional classrooms and teaching room; the plexus in Via Marconi, with 10 primary school classes, 6 nursery school classes and a multi-purpose hall; the plexus in Viale dei Pini, with 3 kindergartens, a gym, a multifunctional laboratory, a laboratory for recreational-motor activities, a teaching room and a theater; the plexus in Viale dei Tigli, with 6 primary school classes, 2 first-level secondary school classes, a gym, a computer lab, a teaching room and a theater; the Plexus of Via Mennella, with 4 classes of kindergarten, 9 primary school classes, 6 first-level secondary school and gym classes.